Nervous Disorders

Nervous Disorders

The brain, spinal cord, and nerves make up the nervous system. Together they control all the workings of the body. When something goes wrong with a part of your nervous system, you can have trouble moving, speaking, swallowing, breathing, or learning. You can also have problems with your memory, senses, or mood.

There are more than 600 neurologic diseases. Major types include

  • Diseases caused by faulty genes, such as Huntington's disease and muscular dystrophy
  • Problems with the way the nervous system develops, such as spina bifida
  • Degenerative diseases, where nerve cells are damaged or die, such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease
  • Diseases of the blood vessels that supply the brain, such as stroke
  • Injuries to the spinal cord and brain
  • Seizure disorders, such as epilepsy
  • Cancer, such as brain tumors
  • infections, such as meningitis

What you can expect:

In layman terms, neurological disorders are primarily caused by the imbalance in the Vata function. In other words neurological diseases are disorders which affect the brain, central and autonomic nervous system. These disorders can either affect an entire an entire neurological pathway or can only affect a single neuron.

However, most of the neurological disorders consume a longer span of time for significant improvements, but it’s quintessential to understand that it offers better results in comparison of modern medical approach.

Ayurvedic investigations help in diagnosing the complex chain reaction which involves several sub-doshas. Merged with ayurvedic treatment for neurological problems and therapies, a vast number of neurological disorders are now being treated and they are responding well. With the accurate treatment, ample neurological disorders can be cured. However, only after diagnose it can be revealed what therapies should be triggered and how long will it take to cure.

Ayurvedic treatment focuses on bringing back the doshas to the equilibrium. It is achieved via performing several Panchakarma procedures combined with supplement such as herbs and herbs-mineral preparations of Ayurveda.