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I was suffering with acute stomachache with bloating problem. I was treated with ayurvedic medicines with some preventive measure and within 3 days i got complete relief. i wish them great success

~ D K Gupta   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 28-02-21

Great Experience as afirst timer. The staff and doctor were all very friendly and helpful. I am especially grateful to doctor who explained my condition with me and my treatment options which was through ayurvedic medicines.

I highly recommend Vaidyalya and Doctor

~ Rekha Gupta   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 28-02-21

Doctor Here is experience, I had got migraine, cervical and back pain treatment done, prior to coming here i go the treatment done in Safdurjung Hospital, but i had lot of problems with allopathic medicines. with treatment at Vaidyalya i am fully cured, Doctor here is good and all the services of clinic are also good

~ Poonam Sharma   |  8619******   |  Posted On: 28-02-21

I came with a problem of harmonal, indigestion and eyesight. DOctor gave me medicine course of 15 days, my indigestion problems have resolved completely, harmonal issues have resolved and eyesight has improved

~ Aparajita Jha   |  8586******   |  Posted On: 28-02-21

The Products In store are of very good quality and as well as in taste

~ B K Shakun   |  8076******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

I have taken treatment from Vaidlyalya for my ailment for 1 month. i could feel 50% relief in very short period of time. Prior to this i had taken 2 -3 treatment from other places, I got relief in short period of time from Vaidyalya. I am highly obliged to the doctor.

~ Vaibhav H Mane   |  8505******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

I had taken treatment from Vaidyalya. I have go 70% relief. Earlier i was taking Homeopathic Treatment for piles, i used to get temporary relief, till the time i was taking medicines. Now after taking ayurvedic treatment from Vaidyalya i have got 70% relief, Thanks to Doctor

~ A V Mane   |  8505******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

I have been visiting stores from last 11 month. My experience has been satisfactory about theconsultancy and the product. The shop is completey reliable. You can trust the doctor and it's prescription blindly.

~ Shilpi Manchanda   |  9818******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

It is good store in Dwarka. Available all natural medicine. If a good discount is given it will be cherry on cake.

~ Capt Akhilesh Kumar Pathak   |  9717******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

I had taken treatment for four months, i got solution to al my health problems, now I am completely healthy. I was suffering from Joint Pain and nerve pain, now i am colpletely fine. Thanks to the doctor

~ Rashmita   |  ******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

i came to Vaidyalya with digestion problem, i had taken medicine and got good resut in 10 to 15 days, so i want to say thank from my heart because i was suffering from last 2 years

~ Yogen Ghalay   |  9971******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19

I am very satisfied with the services, i have improved a lot in these 4 months. My Major concern was my stress, doctor suggested me with good herbs. I also referred few people because of my great result. Thank you, for all the efforts

~ Anu Manral   |  9582******   |  Posted On: 01-09-19
Nice ~ Shivam Bagri   |  7838******   |  Posted On: 05-07-19

I came to Vaidyalya & found staff behaviour was very good

~ Mulchand   |  ******   |  Posted On: 18-05-19

Feeling Good

~ Jyoti Agarwal   |  921******   |  Posted On: 18-05-19


~ Saroj Singh   |  8851******   |  Posted On: 18-05-19

I came here with severe hemerroihoids & was in severe pain and discomfort. After consulting & taking treatment from Dr Rahul now i am almost 100% cure.

~ Sundeep Pathak   |  9560******   |  Posted On: 28-04-19

I have been suffering from Diabetes for 20 years, I have been on insulin for last 2 years. I started treatment from Dr Rahul at Vaidyalya effective November 2018. In last 5 months have seen considerable change. My weight is better managed. My HBA1C came down from 11.1 (Nov) to 8.0 (Jan). I feel energized & work thru my day.

Vaidyalya staff has been helpful & Knowledgeable. They have good product range also at the store.

~ Arvind Bindal   |  9810******   |  Posted On: 28-04-19

I was suffering from High Cholestrol 375 mg/dl, hypodensity was 7.5, homocystine level -32.3 serum bilirubin (total) 1.38, HBA/c -6.3. On top of it my LVH was concentric. But after taking medicine from Vaidyalya - Dr Rahul Gupta. all the above cured to the extent of 75%. But my concentric LVH is completely cured.

Thanks to Dr Rahul Gupta for all this.

~ Pramod Kumar Bisht   |  9711******   |  Posted On: 13-04-19

Very Effective

~ Vandana Panwar   |  9718******   |  Posted On: 13-04-19

Unique Shop having vareity of Herbal Brands, Organic food like flour etc also. Excellent

~ R K Mishra   |  9953******   |  Posted On: 07-04-19

I met Dr Gupta and I was very much impressed the way he heard me and explained to me nicely the problem i have.

~ S Shah   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 07-04-19

I was suffering from thyriod and multiple problems, but now today after taking the medicine for a month, i am feeling better, loosing my extra weight and puffiness also. Thanks to Vaidyalya for being cordial and special. Thanks toDr Rahul Gupta.

~ A K Lamba   |  9871******   |  Posted On: 07-04-19

I came to Vaidyalya ayurveda clinic a month back with severe problem of peptic ulcer in very critical situation and of poor digestion problem, but now after 30 days only, i have complete relief in all my problems with 90% clear. i feel lot of happiness in choosing this ayurveda clinic which is called "Vaidyalya". Thanks to Dr Rahul Gupta ji.

~ Dinesh Kumar   |  9958******   |  Posted On: 25-03-19

Very Effective treatment. It worked when allopathy had failed. Feeling better than ever before.

~ Tanushree   |  ******   |  Posted On: 16-03-19

Second Visit to Vaidyalya. Find the set up to be the most cordial and Helpful. Will continue to visit Myself and with family as i have benefitted. Keep it up.

~ K P R Singh   |  9971******   |  Posted On: 16-03-19

Good Consultancy & Prescription

~ Meenu & Anil Sharma   |  9910******   |  Posted On: 16-03-19

Vaidyalya has good collection of authentic Ayurvedic medicines. Dr Rahul Gupta is a sincere, diligent and competent Physician. He is very caring and devoted doctor. We are highly impressed by his behaviour. We have been under his treatment for the last five months or so.  I am taking medicines for chronic Gastritis and my wife for vitiligo.

~ Mrs Chanda & Dr Awadhesh Kumar Sharma   |  9473******   |  Posted On: 10-03-19

I got relief in first visit, it was a very good experience. Very good Doctor. Consultation was very good about every small thing which can affect our health. Reliable Medicines. A good ayurvedic treatment in economical budget. 5 out of 5.

~ Bhawani Shankar   |  8502******   |  Posted On: 10-03-19

Very good experience in first consultation. I am seeing a ray of hope.

~ Blank   |  ******   |  Posted On: 10-03-19

Dr Consultation - I visited the clinic and consultation with doctor was very impressive, very patient and listen to problems carefully. Good experience.

~ Arvinder Kaur Lamba   |  9871******   |  Posted On: 10-03-19

I came at Vaidyalya 18 days back and had a severe problem if IBS. Now I am feeling really better, thanks to Dr. Rahul, who is a very skilled doctor, I would definetely recommend his treatment for better recovery.

~ Shantanu Nigam   |  7036******   |  Posted On: 01-03-19

Came across this clinic by chance, but now I think, I have come to right and perfect place by chance.

~ Deepak Kr Panwar   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 01-03-19

I was having the problems of high TSH and obesity, when treatment was begun and after one month of proper medication and preventive action in terms of food and others, I am feeling almost 60% improvement in my condition and betterment in my health. I want to thank the Doctor, who understood my problems and gave me right medication.

~ Anshul Bansal   |  8755******   |  Posted On: 24-02-19

I am suffereing from LP(skin autoimmune problem). I had tried allopathic medicines, but no improvement. After 5 years, i have tried vaidyalya and found improvement. Doctor's Advise and way of explanation about L.P. is very good.

~ Hemant Sharma   |  8860******   |  Posted On: 24-02-19

Second Visit today, improvement 20%, taking medicines. Line of treatment seem to be good. Advise and way of narration is quite impressive / amicable. Good luck sir

~ Anil Sharma   |  9910******   |  Posted On: 24-02-19

On Medication since Dec 2018, felling better results, will come after 15days

~ P L Bhardwaj   |  9891******   |  Posted On: 23-02-19

My child was suffering from cough since last one week but after using van tulsi cough syrup he is feeling much better now.

~ Prabha   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I am Suffering from acidity, after one & half month's treatment i felt better

~ Anupama Srivastava   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Felling Blessed to come in contact of Vaidyalya. I feel that Vaidya ji has touched core issue of illness and treatment to be fruitful.

~ Shantanu Nigam   |  7036******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I was suffering with high sugar & many other complications but after taking medicines from vaidyalya, i feel tremendous progress. In starting i used take 56 units insullin, but now i am taking only 30 units and i feel more energetic then before. Thanks to Doctor Rahul Gupta & Vaidyalya

~ Shalini Gupta   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Kind Staff, Good Products would visit again

~ Pooja, Mumbai   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I was Suffereing from knee joint pain, thumb numbness and heavy cough since last two years. I came here for treatmnet on 11 Nov 2018. Then i have taken medicine for about one month, after that i cured about 60% to 70%. Again i taken medicine for anther one month and cured about 80% and now after 3 months my problems are solved / cured about 95%. Thumb Numbness is cured 100%, only left with slight knee joint pain, which is cured 95%. I suggest to all who are facing such problems please visit this place and get Cured completely

~ Devendra Kumar   |  7042******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I am suffering fro stomach ulcer disease fromm 6 months and now i consulted about it to doctor of Vaidyalya in Dwarka sector 7 and take very usefull and carefull treatment tips and Medicines. I am very Happy and thankful to doctor and Vaidyalya. Now i will start medicine and give my views next time.

~ Dinesh Kumar   |  9958******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Very Good and Systematic information by Dr Rahul. He spent very good time to explain the disease and it's preventive measures

~ Pushp Ranjan Srivastava   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Understood the complete Medical History and suggested medicines accrdingly

~ Anu Manral   |  9582******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Understand the problem and good to me

~ Mohit Srivastava   |  7838******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Appealing Environment, neat and Tidy, Dr Gupta is a Patient Listener & Knowledgeable. Overall a pleasant experience. The Mediication Experience starts now

~ Anil   |  9891******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

I was suffering from High BP, Cholesterol and 7x5 Lesion in Central Nervous System. I saw Vaidyalya Add on facebook and contacted Dr.Rahul gupta . Dr. Gupta checked my medical history of Paralyse which I faced in 2016 then he prescribed me the medicine . Within one month I felt 50% improvement.

~ Pramod Bisht   |  ******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

I was Suffering from acute throat infection for which my father recommended Ayurveda treatment from Vaidyalya by Dr Rahul Gupta. The Medicine was very effective and now I am here for permanant treatment of my sinusitis and I am hopeful of the cure.

~ Shradha Singh   |  9953******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

Taking Treatment from last two months only, getting improvement in watery eye, hoping for best in coming time.

~ Manvi   |  9971******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19


~ R P Monisha   |  8860******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Consultation made in a friendly way and intricacies pf the health related problems were explained in a simple way, found very helpful and encouraging

~ Bidyut Singla   |  9717******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Very nice Treatment, Happy about being Patient here.

~ Bhanumati Kandru   |  7042******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Good Service

~ Rajendra Prasad Yadav   |  9650******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Good Service

~ Nitesh Pandey   |  9899******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Very useful Products in the store, with relevant information provided by the staff

~ P Sharma   |  9711******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Hi My name is Anjali and am 32 yrs old. I was having hairfall in bunches when I consulted Vaidyalya Ayurveda Clinic and thanks to Ayurveda that my hairfall is much better now after taking treatment for almost 4 months. The doctor consulted very well and suggested its due to weakness of my bony tissues and bonemarrow tissues which according to him needed to relenished as per Ayurveda principals. I am thankful to Ayurveda for helping me out. I was advised to absolutly avoid packaged food items and street food which was bit difficult to follow in the begening but than gradually I gave up that and found good results.

~ Anjali   |  8822******   |  Posted On: 15-03-18

I went to Vaidyalya for my pains at knee joint which I was suffering for more than 5 years. Doctor guided me very well and suggested some joint restorative techniques and therapies which were easy to do at home and also gave ayurvedic medicines. After 3 months of treatment now am able to walk without support and have approximately 30-40 % relief.

S Sharma, Delhi.

~ S Sharma   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 21-02-18
Excellent treatment done for back pain occured by driving longs hours a day ~ Ak yadav   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 27-08-17

I had developed severe backache, one morning I got sudden pain in the back while I was getting up from the bed, my back started stooping down slowly and my body movements got restricted. As it was an emergency I was rushed to an allopathic hospital, where I was given several pain killer injections after which the pain subsided , but I got only temporary relief, again after the course of medications the pain got worsened and for almost 1 year I took allopathic treatment.

~ Mr. Kamal Oberoi   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 12-06-17