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My child was suffering from cough since last one week but after using van tulsi cough syrup he is feeling much better now.

~ Prabha   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I am Suffering from acidity, after one & half month's treatment i felt better

~ Anupama Srivastava   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Felling Blessed to come in contact of Vaidyalya. I feel that Vaidya ji has touched core issue of illness and treatment to be fruitful.

~ Shantanu Nigam   |  7036******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I was suffering with high sugar & many other complications but after taking medicines from vaidyalya, i feel tremendous progress. In starting i used take 56 units insullin, but now i am taking only 30 units and i feel more energetic then before. Thanks to Doctor Rahul Gupta & Vaidyalya

~ Shalini Gupta   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Kind Staff, Good Products would visit again

~ Pooja, Mumbai   |  ******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I was Suffereing from knee joint pain, thumb numbness and heavy cough since last two years. I came here for treatmnet on 11 Nov 2018. Then i have taken medicine for about one month, after that i cured about 60% to 70%. Again i taken medicine for anther one month and cured about 80% and now after 3 months my problems are solved / cured about 95%. Thumb Numbness is cured 100%, only left with slight knee joint pain, which is cured 95%. I suggest to all who are facing such problems please visit this place and get Cured completely

~ Devendra Kumar   |  7042******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

I am suffering fro stomach ulcer disease fromm 6 months and now i consulted about it to doctor of Vaidyalya in Dwarka sector 7 and take very usefull and carefull treatment tips and Medicines. I am very Happy and thankful to doctor and Vaidyalya. Now i will start medicine and give my views next time.

~ Dinesh Kumar   |  9958******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Very Good and Systematic information by Dr Rahul. He spent very good time to explain the disease and it's preventive measures

~ Pushp Ranjan Srivastava   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Understood the complete Medical History and suggested medicines accrdingly

~ Anu Manral   |  9582******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Understand the problem and good to me

~ Mohit Srivastava   |  7838******   |  Posted On: 17-02-19

Appealing Environment, neat and Tidy, Dr Gupta is a Patient Listener & Knowledgeable. Overall a pleasant experience. The Mediication Experience starts now

~ Anil   |  9891******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

I was suffering from High BP, Cholesterol and 7x5 Lesion in Central Nervous System. I saw Vaidyalya Add on facebook and contacted Dr.Rahul gupta . Dr. Gupta checked my medical history of Paralyse which I faced in 2016 then he prescribed me the medicine . Within one month I felt 50% improvement.

~ Pramod Bisht   |  ******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

I was Suffering from acute throat infection for which my father recommended Ayurveda treatment from Vaidyalya by Dr Rahul Gupta. The Medicine was very effective and now I am here for permanant treatment of my sinusitis and I am hopeful of the cure.

~ Shradha Singh   |  9953******   |  Posted On: 10-02-19

Taking Treatment from last two months only, getting improvement in watery eye, hoping for best in coming time.

~ Manvi   |  9971******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19


~ R P Monisha   |  8860******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Consultation made in a friendly way and intricacies pf the health related problems were explained in a simple way, found very helpful and encouraging

~ Bidyut Singla   |  9717******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Very nice Treatment, Happy about being Patient here.

~ Bhanumati Kandru   |  7042******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Good Service

~ Rajendra Prasad Yadav   |  9650******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Good Service

~ Nitesh Pandey   |  9899******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Very useful Products in the store, with relevant information provided by the staff

~ P Sharma   |  9711******   |  Posted On: 08-02-19

Hi My name is Anjali and am 32 yrs old. I was having hairfall in bunches when I consulted Vaidyalya Ayurveda Clinic and thanks to Ayurveda that my hairfall is much better now after taking treatment for almost 4 months. The doctor consulted very well and suggested its due to weakness of my bony tissues and bonemarrow tissues which according to him needed to relenished as per Ayurveda principals. I am thankful to Ayurveda for helping me out. I was advised to absolutly avoid packaged food items and street food which was bit difficult to follow in the begening but than gradually I gave up that and found good results.

~ Anjali   |  8822******   |  Posted On: 15-03-18

I went to Vaidyalya for my pains at knee joint which I was suffering for more than 5 years. Doctor guided me very well and suggested some joint restorative techniques and therapies which were easy to do at home and also gave ayurvedic medicines. After 3 months of treatment now am able to walk without support and have approximately 30-40 % relief.

S Sharma, Delhi.

~ S Sharma   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 21-02-18
Excellent treatment done for back pain occured by driving longs hours a day ~ Ak yadav   |  9811******   |  Posted On: 27-08-17

I had developed severe backache, one morning I got sudden pain in the back while I was getting up from the bed, my back started stooping down slowly and my body movements got restricted. As it was an emergency I was rushed to an allopathic hospital, where I was given several pain killer injections after which the pain subsided , but I got only temporary relief, again after the course of medications the pain got worsened and for almost 1 year I took allopathic treatment.

~ Mr. Kamal Oberoi   |  9999******   |  Posted On: 12-06-17